Co-creating cultures of play 

Anthroplayology delivers youth and adult programs in experiential education, providing powerful and playful opportunities for personal growth and community development around the world.


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2019 Co-Creation prize in Education (CoC)

2020 Co-Creation prize in Entrepreneurship (CoC)






We love music at Anthroplayology.  It’s a part of almost everything we do.  We offer music programs for large and small groups, serving adults, youth, and children: 

– live concerts and interactive workshops

– event planning and experience design                                            

– songwriting and storytelling                                                            

– audio/video production                                                                                           





“the skills of an educator but also the practical skills of an event planner and the creative skills of a musician.”

“Mike brings people together around creativity and play — all with a great sense of humor.”


 “Community Mike”








“He adds a special colour and flavour to the projects he works on, and motivates children and adults to be creative and builds their self-confidence, valuing the contributions of all.”


“He’s everyone’s Mike Sullivan” “